While translation involves an idiomatic rendering of the source text and information, transcreation is the full adaptation of your content in a new cultural context and can be a complete reimagining of your text so that it better resonates with a different culture. It combines translation and copywriting. That is why this process usually starts with a creative brief, which helps me understand the concept and the desired effect you are hoping to create with the copy. This type of service is perfect for creative marketing content.

What’s the difference between translation and transcreation?

How much time do you need to translate my content?

This depends on many factors, including the type of service, the length and complexity of the text, and my current availability. Get in touch – once I have had a look at your text, I will be happy to provide you with a timeline for your project.

CAT stands for computer-assisted translation.
CAT tools are used to create translation memories (TM) that help ensure consistency within a text and future projects.
Let's look at an example: if I have previously translated a sentence and it is repeated (whether word-for-word identical or similar) in a project I’m working on, CAT tools enable me to ensure consistent translations without altering the terminology or style. This approach enhances the overall quality of your texts.
Learn more about the CAT tools I use here.

What is a CAT tool?

What services do you offer?

I provide translation, transcreation, revision and machine translation post-editing services. Learn more about what I can do for you here. Need clarification on one of my services? Feel free to ask me directly at

What languages do you offer?

I offer my services in two language combinations: from English to Italian and from German to Italian. I’m a native speaker of Italian, the target language, which ensures a flawless, idiomatic and correct rendering of the text.

How much do your services cost?

I offer a wide range of language services, so I’m not able to answer this question without knowing more about the project and your needs. My rates vary depending on the service, project and deadline.
Get in touch with me; I’ll be happy to give you more information and prepare a free quote. If you’re not sure which service you need, let’s talk so we can find the best solution together.

I need an urgent translation: can you do it?

Depending on my availability and the length of the project, I can offer an urgent delivery service (24/48 hours). In this case, I will prioritize your project and a rush surcharge will be applied.

How will you work on my project?

  1. Research
    I gather all the information I need to understand the brand identity, values and target audience. This includes studying guidelines, tone of voice, previous marketing materials and any relevant cultural nuances. I dive fully into the brand's reality so I can speak to the target customer in the same voice.

  2. Translation plan
    This includes identifying any potential challenges or pitfalls, such as specific terminology. This allows me to do my research and gain a thorough understanding of the text before working on the Italian version.

  3. Translation
    I start adapting your content. I maintain the brand message and tone of voice while ensuring it is culturally relevant and appropriate. If I have any questions, I always ask for clarification, because every detail matters.

  4. Review and editing
    I review the content to ensure accuracy and fluency. This includes checking for any errors in the grammar, spelling, syntax, meaning, style and formatting. Typically, this step takes place after I have left the text aside for a while, so that I can review it with a fresh mind.

  5. Final quality check
    After editing, I proofread the whole text to make sure that it is ready for final approval. During this process, I can use quality assurance technologies from CAT tools and additional software.

  6. Project delivery
    I deliver the translated content. I remain available to discuss my work, make any necessary changes and ensure the result meets your expectations.

What values do you base your business on?

Built on the foundation of communication, feedback and teamwork, our partnership will thrive as we work to achieve your goals together in a positive and collaborative environment.

You can also expect:

  • Confidentiality
    I treat your content with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring that
    sensitive information remains secure and protected throughout our collaboration. In line with our agreements, I always delete the relevant files once the project is finished.

  • Reliability
    You can rely on me to deliver
    high-quality language services. Meeting deadlines and expectations is part of my commitment to you, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the project.

  • Transparency
    Honesty and transparency are pillars of our professional partnership.
    I keep you informed at every stage of the process, maintaining clear and open communication to ensure consistency and satisfaction with the outcome.

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