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Looking for flawless translations that capture the essence of your content? I’ve got you. I craft accurate and culturally appropriate translations, exclusively tailored to meet your unique needs. Your message will resonate in the Italian-speaking market with the utmost impact.

Make sure your Italian texts are ready for your ideal clients. I can organize my process into multiple levels, depending on your needs: from the proofreading of spelling, grammar and meaning to the most comprehensive and thorough revision of syntax, style and formatting to craft Italian texts that are consistent with your brand's tone of voice and values.


Unlock the power of the full cultural adaptation of your brand's identity in a new context. I will draw on my expertise to help you forge a strong connection with your Italian-speaking audience by transcreating content that deeply resonates with their core values. In a nutshell: translation + copywriting = transcreation. Learn more about it here.

Machine translation post-editing

Have you tried machine translation for your content, only to be disappointed with the results? While machine translation can be helpful for certain types of texts, it often falls short in delivering the level of quality and precision required, especially when it comes to creative copy. That's where my professional post-editing services come in. I can enhance the quality of your content by reviewing and editing machine translation output to meet your precise expectations.

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Revision and proofreading

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Throughout the complex process of content adaptation, I can use QA (quality assurance) and CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools to ensure high quality standards. Learn more about them here.

CAT tools can also include term bases, bilingual glossaries that help maintain correct and consistent terminology according to your needs. If you already have a term base, I can use it for your projects; if not, we can create one together.

I have my own license for the Trados Studio 2022 CAT tool, but I am also familiar with memoQ, Phrase, AcrossSmartcat and Matecat.

A laptop, computer monitor and keyboard on a desk
A laptop, computer monitor and keyboard on a desk

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